Daring Fireball: No One Said Following Is Easy

But what caught my attention is http://botecagem.com.br/online-cialis-prescription the http://banter-latte.annotations.com/buy-viagra-online-canada “hard work” angle in Lockheimer’s testimony. Long hours of hard work don’t disprove that Android copied the iPhone. In fact, copying the iPhone would imply more work. They effectively designed the Android platform twice: first as a BlackBerry/Windows Mobile style hardware button platform, and then as an iPhone-style touchscreen platform.

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iWatch pricing

It feels a lot more likely to me that any new wearable devices from Apple will be priced more along the line of iPods: in the $100-400 range. Maybe a little higher at the outset, coming down over time. (I wouldn’t even be surprised if they use the botecagem.com.br iPod brand for them.)

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Los pocos

El trato a las minorías no cambia, lo que cambia son las minorías. Cada generación cree que segrega con mas justicia que la anterior.