La ansiedad antes de la batalla…

What Google Maps Actually Just Unveiled: Anxiety Over Apple Maps by MG Siegler:

Make no mistake: the forthcoming mapping wars are a really big deal. There’s a chance Apple won’t get it right and Google can rest easy. But there’s also a chance that the opposite happens and half of Google’s market disappears.


Excelente post… Nadie puede acusarlo de parcialidad…

I say that with the biggest caveat possible: again, no one knows much about the Apple maps product yet — it could very well suck. Mapping is not easy. And Google has been at it for years. Pulling off a product that can reliably replace Google Maps seems almost impossible — it’s that good — and maybe it will prove to be.

Otra frase que me pareció interesante por la sutil diferencia que sugiere entre ser el standard y ser el leader y su gran importancia en la vida real.

Such a move would suddenly push Google Maps from the de-facto standard to simply the market leader in maps.

Yo soy un big fan de Google Maps opino, como Siegler, que es la mejor aplicación de mapas del planeta. Y creo que Apple la tiene muy difícil para hacer algo que sea no solamente más vistoso o impresionante sino que sea mejor.

Ya veremos.

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